JVupdate is currently closed to new members as we continue to upgrade our services for our members and to ensure the group continues to be a trusted resource and networking platform for Real Estate educators and entrepreneurs in the REI industry (now 25% of our membership is outside of real estate). We may open up for new members later in 2013.

What is JVUpdate?

Simple, JVupdate was created in 2008 to help connect Real Estate Trainers, educators, promoters, and industry experts to improve communication in the industry... and to help make it easier for the industry to find products and programs that they feel will help their students and subscribers. In 2008 and 2009 the "product launch" seemed to hit the scene... and with a new launch seemingly happening every week... it got very confusing for students and promoters alike. So, in addition to creating a simple "networking" platform.... we also created a consolidated calendar where members could post the dates of their product launch so others could decide if it was something that they wanted to share with their group of subscribers and students.

While the "launch calendar" was a big feature when JVUpdate first began... over the last 2 years JVUpdate has grown and evolved and taken on a life of its own to focus much less on launches and more on helping our members connect and share ideas on ways to live our best lives, ways to grow your business, top resources to help you be more productive, and ways to help your customers see the best results possible with your training programs. .

The core function of JVupdate is still the unique... yet VERY simple networking platform; however, new services to help members to grow their businesses while providing their clients with the best possible training are being created the summer/fall of 2010.

Currently, the extent of JVupdates role in the industry as far as "launches" goes is that members can list their upcoming product launches on our calendar for other members to see. From there its up to each individual member to decide if the product and expert behind the product are something they'd like to introduce to their group of subscribers and students.

Who Are JVupdate Members?

Truly nearly every well respected name in the Real Estate Training and Education industry today is a JVupdate member. Why? Because the level of sharing and generosity in the group is immense... and something as positive as JVupdate tends to spread quickly. We've kept JVUpdate very simple... and while it is "exclusive"... its also "inclusive" at the same time.

Jvupdate is made up of 350+ Real Estate Educators, marketers, promoters, entrepreneurs, and real estate industry experts... plus CEO's of top vendors that online entrepreneurs use, and a whole army of smart online entrepreneurs (no newbies) who share ideas worth spreading, network, strike up business deals, and improve their businesses each and every day for the overall good of the industry and our customers.

However, JVupdate is a free service... so we don't focus on becoming the "moral compass" of the industry (nor can we, that's a full time job by itself). We accept new members as long as they meet the following:

  1. Are referred by a current member in good standing who can "vouch" for your personality, ethics, and that you are right for the group
  2. Are currently an active real estate educator, industry expert, internet marketing expert, or promoter who is actively growing a business in the real estate training / education industry
  3. Are willing to positively share your ideas, input, resources, and feedback with the group that has helped you grow your business and help your customers achieve their goals.

We keep JVupdate pretty simple and are extremely happy with how JVupdate has improved communication and generosity within the real estate investing education industry. With that said, just like in every group of any significant size... 98% of JVupdate members are overwhelmingly extremely positive members of our industry and help to provide better and better value and results for their students and subscribers every single day. The other 2% tend to weed themselves out in the industry with colleagues and customers if they're not providing true value to their students, providing honest and factual opinions on the products they promote, and provide quick courteous customer service.

Simple huh? :-)

When we open JVupdate up for new members check back to this page or ask the JVupdate member who recommended you to the group to connect with us directly
about letting you in early.

Thanks! Have a great week!

- The JVUpdate Team


*JVupdate is an open forum with over 350 members, so any opinions, actions, or statements of its members are 100% those members opinions and do not reflect the opinions of other JVupdate members or JVupdate itself. Yep, when you build a group of 350 entrepreneurs there are those less ethical people who do things that aren't cool... those actions are the vast minority of the group and do not reflect the goal, vision, or reason the group was created. If a product, service, person, or launch is listed on JVupdate... it does not reflect an endorsement by JVupdate or its members... JVupdate members choose for themselves who they want to work with and what products they choose to be associated with.

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